Advance 1406554010CF

Advance 1406554010CF (ssADV-1406554010CF)

  • $98.33

Bags, Enviro-Max, 99.7% Efficient (@ 2 Microns), Commercial Grade Filter Bags, Case Of 100, 50+ Cases (Ea). (Also Used In Active Vac Kit For Adgility/AdvolutionAnd Bu800Models.) Adgility (220V), Advolution 20B, Advolution 20BT, Advolution 24B, Advolution 24BT, Advolution 2710, BU800 20B, BU800 20BA, BU800 20BAT, BU800 20BT, BU800 24B, BU800 24BA, BU800 24BAT, BU800 24BAT, BU800 24BT, BU800, HipVac Air Cycle HEPA, HipVac STD, Hip Fits Advance Part Number 1406554010CF

Fits the Following Models: