Advance 56377945

Advance 56377945 (ssADV-56377945)

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Wheel, Green Polyurethane, 8" X 1 5/8", Bearings Included Whirlamatic 2000B-D, Whirlamatic 2000B, Whirlamatic W1000B, Convertamatic 260B, Hydro-Retriever 260BHD, Convertamatic 17B, Convertamatic 20B, Convertamatic 20E, Convertamatic 200B, Convertamatic 200BD, Convertamatic 200LX, Hydro-Retriever 200HD, Convertamatic 21B, Convertamatic 26B, Convertamatic 32B, Convertamatic 32BD, Convertamatic 38BD, Hydro-Retriever 260BHD, Convertamatic 200E Fits Advance Part Number 56377945 (OBSOLETE WITH NO REPLACEMENT)

Fits the Following Models: