Advance 56505784

17 inch Poly Brush - Advance - 56505784 (Advance-56505784)

  • $58.83

Brush, 15' Med Poly (.028)

Fits Nilfisk Advance 340D ST, 3400D ST, 3400D-C ST, Advenger 3405D-C, Advenger 3405D, Advenger X3405D-C, Advenger X3405D, Captor 4800 AXP, Captor 4800, CMAX 34ST, Condor 4830D AXP, Condor 4830D, Condor X4830D EcoFlex, Convertamatic 17B-2, Convertamatic 20B-2, Convertamatic 17B, ConvertaMAX 34, Hydro-Retriever 320HD, Hydro-Retriever 320BHD, Hydro-Retriever 325HD, I-MAX 34HD, KF17SL-SelectLine 17, KF17SL2-SelectLine 17TS, KF174SL-SelectLine 17, Matador 17, Matador 17AP, Matador 17APJ, Matador 17HD, Matador 17HS, Matador 17S, Micromatic 17B, Micromatic M17B, Micromatic M17E, Pacemaker 17, Mobilmatic 17, Mobilmatic 17B, Mobilmatic 17B-5, Pacesetter 17, Pacesetter 17HD, Pacesetter 170, Pacesetter 170HD, SelectLine 17, SelectLine 17HD, SelectLine 17TS, Trac 320

Fits Advance Part Number 56505784

More Information
Customer Sku ADV56505784
Weight 6.3000
Machine Application 340D ST,3400D ST,3400D-C ST,Advenger 3405D-C,Advenger 3405D,Advenger X3405D-C,Advenger X3405D,Captor 4800 AXP,Captor 4800,CMAX 34ST,Condor 4830D AXP,Condor 4830D,Condor X4830D EcoFlex,Convertamatic 17B-2,Convertamatic 20B-2,Convertamatic 17B,ConvertaMAX 34,Hydro-Retriever 320HD,Hydro-Retriever 320BHD,Hydro-Retriever 325HD,I-MAX 34HD,KF17SL-SelectLine 17,KF17SL2-SelectLine 17TS,KF174SL-SelectLine 17,Matador 17,Matador 17AP,Matador 17APJ,Matador 17HD,Matador 17HS,Matador 17S,Micromatic 17B,Micromatic M17B,Micromatic M17E,Pacemaker 17,Mobilmatic 17,Mobilmatic 17B,Mobilmatic 17B-5,Pacesetter 17,Pacesetter 17HD,Pacesetter 170,Pacesetter 170HD,SelectLine 17,SelectLine 17HD,SelectLine 17TS,Trac 320
*The Following Models Require 1 Brush: Convertamatic
17B-2/20B-2, Convertamatic 17B; The Following Models
Require 3 Brushes: Captor 4800-AXP, Captor 4800;
All Others Require 2 Brushes.
Quantity Required 1, 2, or 3 (*See Note)
Fill Material .030" Crimped Poly
Brush Type Scrub Brush
Block Diameter 16"
Clutch Type 3 Lug
Scrub Deck Size 17", 34" or 48"
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $85.50
Fits the Following Models:

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