Advance 9100000279

Advance 9100000279 (ssADV-9100000279)

  • $21.83

Squeegee Kit, Non-Marking, 32 7/8", 2 Pieces. Includes One Front Blade: 8 Holes, 7 Notches Per Edge; And One Rear Blade: 8 Holes Adfinity 17ST, Adfinity 20D, Adfinity 20ST, Adfinity X20C, Adfinity X20D, Adfinity X20R, Micromatic M17B, Micromatic M17E, Micromax 17B, Micromax 17E, Micromax 20B, Micromax 20C, Micromax 20DD, Razor 20, Razor 20T, Razor E17, Razor SV17 Fits Advance Part Number 9100000279

Fits the Following Models: