Tennant 54927

Tennant 54927 (Tennant-54927)

  • $398.67

Main Broom, 45", Union And Wire, Full Fill Pattern, 24 S.R., Spline Drive 355 Sweeper, 355D Sweeper, 355E Sweeper, 385 Sweeper, 385D Sweeper, 385DLH Sweeper, 6500 Sweeper, 6500D Sweeper, 6550 Sweeper, 6550D Sweeper, 6550E Sweeper, 6600 Sweeper, 6600D Sweeper, 6650 Sweeper, 6650D Sweeper, 8400 Sweeper/, 8400D Sweeper/, 8410 Sweeper/, 8410D Sweeper/, S30 Diesel Sweeper, S30 Gas/LP Sweeper Fits Tennant Part Number 54927

Fits the Following Models:

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